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RT-18 Risk Taking Questionnaire

The RT-18 Risk Taking Questionnaire developed by de Haan et al (2011).

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de Haan, L., Kuipers, E., Kuerten, Y., van Laar, M., Olivier, B,. & Verster, J.C. (2011). The RT-18: a new screening tool to assess young adult risk-taking behavior. International Journal of General Medicine, 4, 575–584.

de Haan L, de Haan HA, Olivier B, Verster JC, & Verster, Joris. (2012). Alcohol mixed with energy drinks: methodology and design of the Utrecht Student Survey. Dove Press.

de Haan L, de Haan HA, van der Palen J, Olivier B, Verster JC, & Verster, Joris. (2012). Effects of consuming alcohol mixed with energy drinks versus consuming alcohol only on overall alcohol consumption and negative alcohol-related consequences. Dove Press.

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