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animation attribute

The animation attribute changes the position of a visual stimulus over time.

Member of

<clock> <picture> <shape> <text> <video>


/ animation = circle(duration, loopcount, start, xcenter, ycenter, radius)


/ animation = path(duration, loopcount, x1, y1, x2, y2, x3, y3, ...)


duration The duration in milliseconds of the entire animation.
loopcount The number of times the animation should loop, or -1 for continuous looping.
start The starting point on the circle as a percentage of the circular arc, ranging from 0 (top of the circle) to 100 (back to the top of the circle). A positive value indicates clockwise movement, and a negative values indicates counter clockwise movement.
xcenter The horizontal coordinate of center point of the circle.
ycenter The vertical coordinate of the center of the circle.
radius The radius of the circle.
x1 The horizontal position.
y1 The vertical position.
x2 The horizontal position.
y2 The vertical position.
h1 The height.
w1 The width.


The animation attribute enables the position of a stimulus to change throughout the course of a trial. The circle option moves the stimulus in a circle. The path moves the stimulus along a set of arbitrary points.


The following runs a repeating loop animation that moves a circle shape to move from the top-center to the bottom-center of the screen over 5 seconds.

<shape circle>
/ shape=circle
/ animation=path(5000, -1, 50%, 0%, 50%, 100%)

The following runs an animation that moves a rectangle twice around a circular path that is centered on the screen with a radius half the height of the screen.

<shape circle>
/ shape=rectangle
/ animation=circle(5000, 2, 50, 50%, 50%, 100%)

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