Thank you for participating in an Inquisit Web study! If you wish to uninstall Inquisit Web, please follow the instructions below.

Instructions for Windows

To uninstall Inquisit 4 Web:
  1. Open the "Programs and Features" applet in Windows Control Panel (called "Add/Remove Programs" in Windows XP).
  2. Search for the entry with "Inquisit 4 Web" in the programs list. If you find it, double-click to uninstall.

If you do not see "Inquisit 4 Web" in the list, you have likely installed the Java version. To uninstall, do the following:

  1. Open the "Java" applet in Windows Control Panel.
  2. On the "General" tab click the "View..." button.
  3. Select "Inquisit 4 Web Java" in the applications list and click the Delete button.

If you don't see Inquisit in the Java applet either, you may have run an older version of Inquisit Web. We offer a simple utility to remove older versions of Inquisit Web from your computer. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Download the utility application.
  2. Run the utility.
  3. Close your browser! The utility may not be able to remove Inquisit Web if it's in use by your browser.
  4. When the utility is finished, close it and delete it from your downloads folder.

Instructions for Mac OS X

Uninstall Java Version of Inquisit Web

Open the Java applet from the /Applications/Utilities/ folder, click the "View..." button, select the Inquisit application, and click the delete button.

Uninstall Chrome, Firefox, or Safari

Close your browser and delete the "/Applications/" or the "/Users/(username)/Applications/" file.

Close your browser and delete the "/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Inquisit.plugin" or the "/Users/(username)/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Inquisit.plugin" file.

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