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How to Uninstall Inquisit Web

Thank you for participating in an Inquisit Web study! If you wish to uninstall the Inquisit Web plug-in, please follow the instructions below.

Windows Instructions: Inquisit Web Removal Utility

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Our goal is to make things as easy as possible for those who take part in Inquisit Web studies. Towards that end, we offer a simple utility to remove any and all versions of Inquisit Web from your computer. Simply follow these steps:
1) Download the utility application.
2) Run the utility.
3) Close your browser! The utility may not be able to remove the plug-in if it's in use by your browser.
4) When the utility is finished, close it and delete it from your downloads folder.

Windows: Manual Uninstall

Java Web Start

Go to Add/Remove programs in the Windows Control Panel, and uninstall Inquisit Web. In rare cases with some older version of the Java runtime, this sometimes does not work (it's a Java bug). In that case see instructions below for further steps.

Firefox/Chrome Plug-in

Close your browser and delete the "C:\Program Files\Millisecond Software\Inquisit 4.0 Mozilla Plug-in\" folder, or the "C:\Users\(user name)\My Documents\\Millisecond Software\Inquisit 4.0 Mozilla Plug-in\" folder.

.NET Click Once (Internet Explorer users only)

The .NET version is copied to a temporary location on your computer that will be automatically deleted by Windows. This version can not be used by other web sites - the only way to run it is by launching another Inquisit study. If you would like to remove it immediately, you can do so by downloading and running the Inquisit Web Removal Utility above.

ActiveX Plug-in (Internet Explorer users only)

Close your browser and delete the "C:\Programs\Program Files\Millisecond Software\Inquisit 4.0 ActiveX Control\" folder.

What do if Windows Add/Remove Programs fails to uninstall the Java version of Inquisit Web

In rare cases with older versions of the Java runtime, Add/Remove Programs fails to uninstall Inquisit Web (it's a Java bug). To remove Inquisit, you can run the Inquisit Web Removal Utility (recommended - see above) or perform the following manual steps (advanced).

  1. Go to Windows Control Panel, and open the Java applet
  2. Click the "View…" button in the Temporary Internet Files section
  3. You should see Inquisit listed there – select it and press the red X button to delete it from your computer. Having done this, all Inquisit files are removed

If you still see the Inquisit icon listed in your installed programs, do the following:

  1. Click the Windows Start button, and in the box labeled "Search Programs and Files", type "regedit"
  2. You should see "regedit.exe" listed – click on it to launch the program
  3. In the Registry Editor program, select the "Find…" command from the Edit menu
  4. Type "Inquisit 4 Lab" into the search box, and click the Find Next button
  5. This should take you to a folder with that name – delete that folder and its contents. WARNING - Do not delete anything else!
  6. Reopen the Windows Programs applet - "Inquisit 4 Web" should be removed from the installed programs list

Mac OSX Instructions

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Uninstall Java Version of Inquisit Web

Open the Java applet from the /Applications/Utilities/ folder, click the "View..." button, select the Inquisit application, and click the delete button.

Uninstall Chrome, Firefox, or Safari Plug-in

Close your browser and delete the "/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Inquisit.plugin" or the "/Users/(username)/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Inquisit.plugin" file.