Millisecond is transitioning from shared to unique logins for each user on The shared login system (originally designed in 1999) has numerous security issues, such as encouraging users share login via email and making it difficult to audit which user performed account operations such as deleting data files. Shared logins are also inconsistent with modern security standards such as HIPPA, which require unique logins for each user.

We've done our best to make this long overdue transition as easy as possible, and we thank you for bearing with us.

Transition Steps (Dec 20, 2014 through April 20, 2015)

I know my shared account login

  1. Login to using the shared userid and password for your existing account.
  2. Specify the email address to use for your user account. This address will be added to the account if it hasn't already been.
  3. Follow the verification link we'll send to that email address.
  4. Specify your password to login.

I forgot my shared account login

  1. Go to the user setup page.
  2. Enter the email address listed in the contacts for the account.
  3. Follow the verification link we'll send to that email address.
  4. Specify your password to login.

About the New Login System

Going forward, each user will login with their email address and a chosen password. Login credentials will no longer be sent via email. Instead, users will receive a one-time link sent to their verified email address allowing them to set or reset their password.

Accounts will continue to exist as they have. Inquisit Web users will still see the account names in the URLs to their online experiments. Accounts can be shared by multiple users just as before. Each users will simply access the account with their own unique credentials.

Users with Multiple Accounts

Users can belong to multiple accounts. When a user who belongs to more than one account logs into, they can select which account to view from a list at the top of the page. When registering Inquisit Lab and the Inquisit Tobii Plugin, they must specify the name of the account in addition to their user credentials so that Inquisit knows where to get the registration key. If the account name is not specified, Inquisit Lab will prompt them to select it from a list.

Account Administration

Currently, our system does not support the notion of administrative users with elevated privileges, although this transition sets up to introduce roles and permissions in the future. Presently, every user on an account has the same privileges, which includes the ability to invite new users and remove existing ones to and from the account.

Those serving an adminstrative role for their lab, department, or institution will be able to access any account on which their email address has been included as a contact. During a 4-month transition window, users can add their email address to previously existing accounts by logging in with the shared account credentials as described in the Transition Steps above. After the transition window, shared account logins will be disabled, and users can be added either by invitation from other account users or by contacting Millisecond Support. New accounts created after the transition will no longer have a shared password.

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