This sample data is from Inquisit 6 and may differ from that of previous versions of this test.

Data are saved as tab-delimited text files that can be imported into Excel, SPSS, Stata, and other stats packages. For help interpreting the data fields, please see the User Manual for the test.

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script.startdate	script.starttime	script.subjectid	script.groupid	script.elapsedtime	computer.platform	values.completed	parameters.probability_p	expressions.number_iterations	parameters.standard1_duration	parameters.standard2_duration	parameters.initialduration_comp1	parameters.initialduration_comp2	parameters.initialcorrection_standard1_c	parameters.initialcorrection_standard2_c	expressions.threshold1_duration	expressions.threshold2_duration
060717	13:29:46	527036958	543005649	1235610	mac	1	0.75	0	100	1000	300	3000	100	1000	148.4867726826734894985	1730.0604071586105874303