This sample data is from Inquisit 6 and may differ from that of previous versions of this test.

Data are saved as tab-delimited text files that can be imported into Excel, SPSS, Stata, and other stats packages. For help interpreting the data fields, please see the User Manual for the test.

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script.startdate	script.starttime	script.subjectid	script.groupid	script.elapsedtime	computer.platform	values.completed	expressions.LOCOMOTION_Score	expressions.ASSESSMENT_Score	expressions.LIE_Score	values.q1	values.q2	values.q3	values.q4	values.q5	values.q6	values.q7	values.q8	values.q9	values.q10	values.q11	values.q12	values.q13	values.q14	values.q15	values.q16	values.q17	values.q18	values.q19	values.q20	values.q21	values.q22	values.q23	values.q24	values.q25	values.q26	values.q27	values.q28	values.q29	values.q30	values.number_misseditems	values.misseditems
103118	17:15:04	418496532	883388185	129709	mac	1	3.5833333333333334814	4.3333333333333330373	1.6666666666666667407																															0