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Author: Katja Borchert, Ph.D. ( for Millisecond Software, LLC
Date: 11-22-2013
last updated:  12-31-2015 by K. Borchert ( for Millisecond Software, LLC

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This script implements the Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale (ADAS) as originally described in:

(a) Rosen, W.G, Mohs, R.C & Davis, K.L. (1984). A new rating scale for Alzheimer’s disease.
American Journal of Psychiatry, 141: 1356-1364.

order of Noncognitive items from:
(b) Mohs RC & Cohen L (1988). Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale (ADAS). Psychopharmacology Bulletin, 24: 627-628.

Word items (if not specified in Rosen et al, 1984) and order of Cognitive Behavior questions can be taken from:
(c) Schultz, R.R, Siviero, M.O, & Bertolucci, P.H.F. (2001). The cognitive subscale of the “Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale” 
in a Brazilian sample. Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research, 34, 1295-1302.

(1) The main purpose of this script is to help keep track of scoring. For many of these tasks, the evaluation of the
patient's responses has to be done by an experienced examiner.
(2) The examiner -not the patient- fills out the ADAS based on evaluation of patient
(4) Test administration guidelines are provided in Rosen et al (1984).
(5) Examiner has options to choose to run the cognitive and noncognitive assessment or only one of the two
(-> Editable parameter)
(6) Rosen et al (1984) describe many of the scoring scales on a 1(mild)-5(severe) scale without a 0 category (= no impairment). 
Millisecond Software added the 0-categories to the scales (see also Mohs & Cohen, 1988).

The default data stored in the data files are:

(1) Raw data file: 'ADAS.iqdat'
date, time, subject:			date and time script was run with the current subjectnumber 
build:							version of Inquisit
xxxx.response:					response to a particular question
xxxx.latency:					latency (in ms) of clicking "next" the last time the page was visited

(2) Summary data file: 'ADAS_summary*.iqdat' (a separate file for each participant)

script.startdate:				date script was run
script.starttime:				time script was started
script.subjectid:				subject id number
script.groupid:					group id number
script.elapsedtime:				time it took to run script (in ms)
computer.platform:				the platform the script was run on
/completed:						0 = script was not completed (prematurely aborted); 1 = script was completed (all conditions run)
/ADAS_totalscore:				sum of Cogn_Score48, Memory_Score22, NonCogn_Score50
/Cogn_Score70:					sum of all cognitive behavior assessment items (Max: 70)
/Cogn_Score48:					sum of Cognitive Behavior Assessment scores (minus Memory Scores) (Max: 48)
/Memory_Score22:				sum of Recall and Recognition Scores (Max: 22)
/NonCogn_Score50:				sum of NonCognitive Behavior Assessment scores (Max: 50)
/Recall -
/Recognition:					assigned scores for Cognitive Assessment Scores
/appetite:						assigned scores for Non-Cognitive Assessment Scores

check under EDITABLE CODE below for (relatively) easily editable parameters, stimuli, instructions etc. 
Keep in mind that you can use this script as a template and therefore always "mess" with the entire code to further customize your experiment.

The parameters you can change are:
/skipCognAssessment:						true: skips Cognitive Behavior Assessment Items
											false: runs Cognitive Behavior Assessment Items (default)
/NonskipCognAssessment:						true: skips NonCognitive Behavior Assessment Items
											false: runs NonCognitive Behavior Assessment Items  (default)

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