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							Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS) - Screener/Recent/Self-Report

Script Author: Katja Borchert, Ph.D. ( for Millisecond Software, LLC
Date: 03-13-2018
last updated: 03-13-2018 by K.Borchert for Millisecond Software LLC

Script Copyright © 03-13-2018 Millisecond Software


This script implements the Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS) - Screener/Recent/Self-Report

6 screener question to screen for suicide ideation and preparatory suicide behavior 

The default data stored in the data files are:

(1) Raw data file: 'C_SSRS.iqdat'

date, time, group, subject:		date and time script was run with the current group/subjectnumber 
build:							the Inquisit build 

q*_response:					response given (in assigned values): 1 = yes; 0 = no
q*_latency:						how much time (in ms) the participant spent on the surveypage with this particular question (the last time this particular surveypage was visited)

(2) Summary data file: 'C_SSRS_summary.iqdat' (Inquisit Lab: one data file per participant)

script.startdate:				date script was run
script.starttime:				time script was started
script.subjectid:				subject id number
script.groupid:					group id number
script.elapsedtime:				time it took to run script (in ms)
computer.platform:				the platform the script was run on
/completed:						0 = script was not completed (prematurely aborted); 1 = script was completed (all conditions run)
radiobuttons.q1.response - radiobuttons.q6.response: the responses to the 6 questions
								1 = yes; 0 = no
textbox.q6_behaviorCounts:		number of times participant has participated in some form of preparatory suicide behavior
								over entire lifetime

q1-q5: screening for suicide ideations (if q2 is negated, ideation3-4 are skipped) during the last Month
1 -> Wish to be dead
2 -> Non-Specific Active Suicidal Thoughts
3 -> Active Suicidal Ideation with Any Methods (Not Plan) without Intent to Act
4 -> Active Suicidal Ideation with Some Intent to Act, without Specific Plan
5 -> Active Suicidal Ideation with Specific Plan and Intent

q6: screening for preparatory suicide behaviors during the last 3 months/entire lifetime

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