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Script Author: Katja Borchert, Ph.D. ( for Millisecond Software, LLC
Date: 10-09-2013
last updated: 04-17-2018 by K.Borchert for Millisecond Software LLC

Copyright © 04-17-2018 Millisecond Software


This script implements the Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS) as described in:
Johns, M.W. (1991). A new method for measuring daytime sleepiness: The Epworth sleepiness scale.
Sleep, 14, 540-545. 

This script uses the 1997 version of the ESS which includes a small revision of the original 1991 instructions.
The script uses radiobuttons instead of textboxes.

More information on the ESS (as well as instruction revisions done in 1997):

Script offers an optional surveypage that collects demographics (-> see section Editable Parameters parameters.skipdemographics), 
followed by a surveypage that presents the 8 ESS questions. By default the 8 ESS questions cannot be skipped.
At the end, an optional feedback page offers feedback in the form of  the totalscore and a generic interpretation
of the ESS scores. The feedback is not original to the ESS and can be edited under section Editable Stimuli ( 
or can be skipped altogether, see section Editable Parameters -> parameters.skipfeedback (default setting).

The default data stored in the data files are:

(1) Raw data file: 'ESS.iqdat'

date, time, subject:			date and time script was run with the current subjectnumber 
build:							version of Inquisit
xxxx.response:					response to a particular question
xxxx.latency:					latency of clicking "next" the last time the page was visited (in ms)

(2) Summary data file: 'EpworthSleepinessScale_summary*.iqdat' (a separate data file per participant)

script.startdate:				date script was run
script.starttime:				time script was started
script.subjectid:				subject id number
script.groupid:					group id number
script.elapsedtime:				time it took to run script (in ms)
computer.platform:				the platform the script was run on
/completed:						0 = script was not completed (prematurely aborted); 1 = script was completed (all conditions run)
xxxx.response:					response to a particular question (here: demographics)
/totalscore:					the participant's total ESS score

Note: calculation of totalscore
Based on info from rational numbers that are not integers (e.g. 1.5) 
are sometimes chosen by  participants on the paper test. While not encouraged, choosing rational numbers 
other than integers doesn't invalidate the answer. 
The totalscore in this script takes all responses and adds them up and only then rounds it to the nearest integer.

check below for (relatively) easily editable parameters, stimuli, instructions etc. 
Keep in mind that you can use this script as a template and therefore always "mess" with the entire code to further customize your experiment.

The parameters you can change are:

/skipdemographics:							false = script does collect demographic data 
											true = script does NOT collect demographic data (default)
/skipfeedback:								false = script does provide feedback to participants
											true = script does NOT provide feedback to participants (default)
											Note: to customize feedback go to EDITABLE CODE -> Editable Stimuli

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