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									Evaluative Conditioning Task

Script Author: Sean Draine, Ph.D. ( for Millisecond Software, LLC
last updated: 01-11-2016 by K.Borchert ( for Millisecond Software LLC

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This script implements the Evaluative Conditioning Task as described in:

Olson, M.A. & Fazio, R.H. (2001). Implicit Attitude Formation through Classical Conditioning.
Psychological Science, 12, pp. 413-417.

Participants view a slideshow of randomly presented words and pictures (or pairs thereof). They are instructed
to press the Spacebar whenever a target is presented (e.g. 'Sprite').
Amongst the presented items are pairings of positive unconditioned stimuli (e.g. positive words)
with a (to be) conditioned stimulus CS+ (e.g. 'coke') as well as pairings of negative unconditioned stimuli
with a (to be) condition stimulus CS- (e.g. 'pepsi').

The pairings of UCSs and CSs (here: Coke vs. Pepsi) are counterbalanced by groupnumber.

The default data stored in the data files are:

(1) Raw data file: 'EvaluativeConditioning_raw*.iqdat' (a separate file for each participant)

build:							Inquisit build
computer.platform:				the platform the script was run on
date, time, subject, group:		date and time script was run with the current subject/groupnumber 
blockcode:						the name of the current block
values.currentblock:			the number of the current block
trialcode, trialnum: 			the name and number of the currently recorded trial
									(Note: not all trials that are run might record data) 
stimulusitem:					the presented stimuli in order of trial presentation
response:						the participant's response
latency: 						the response latency (in ms)

(2) Summary data file: 'EvaluativeConditioning_summary*.iqdat' (a separate file for each participant)

script.startdate:				date script was run
script.starttime:				time script was started
script.subjectid:				subject id number
script.groupid:					group id number
script.elapsedtime:				time it took to run script (in ms)
computer.platform:				the platform the script was run on
/completed:						0 = script was not completed; 1 = script was completed (all conditions run)
/meanRT_targets:				the overall mean latency of correct responses to all targets
/percentcorrect_targets:		the overall percent correct rate of target identifications

* 2 CS-UCS pairings (positive-Coke/negative-Pepsi vs. negative-Coke/positive-Pepsi) are tested between participants.
Assignment is done by groupnumer
* script runs 5 blocks - each block runs a different target (predetermined order)
* each block runs 86 trials: 60 distractors, 18 targets, 4 pairings of positive UCS and CS+, 4 pairings of negative UCS and CS-
order of the trials is randomly determined
* default stimulus/exposure duration: 1500ms (+ optional Intertrial Interval)

	The script uses the following category assignments:
	cs A: Coke
	cs B: Pepsi
	uc A: Positive
	uc B: negative 

all stimuli can be edited under section Editable Stimuli

can be edited under section Editable Instructions

check below for (relatively) easily editable parameters, stimuli, instructions etc. 
Keep in mind that you can use this script as a template and therefore always "mess" with the entire code to further customize your experiment.

The parameters you can change are:

		Controls trial duration, i.e., how many ms each stimulus remains on the screen. 
		Controls size of conditioned stimulus pictures (coke or pepsi).
		Controls size of unconditioned stimulus pictures (negative or positive).
		Controls size of unconditioned text (negative or positive).
		Specifies the height of distractor words.
	defaultPicSize :
		Controls the size of distractor, target, and blank stimuli. 
		optional Intertrial Interval in ms (default: 0ms)

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