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										ABCD Little Man Test

Script Author: Katja Borchert, Ph.D. ( for Millisecond Software, LLC
Date: 08-24-2017
last updated: 09-26-2017 by K.Borchert ( for Millisecond Software LLC

Script Copyright © 09-26-2017 Millisecond Software

This script has been made available to the Millisecond Software Library by the ABCD Research Consortium.
The script was designed to be run on ipads.


This script implements a custom mental rotation task "Little Man Test" for ABCD Consortium

Participants are presented figures that carry a suitcase in either the left or right hand.
Figures can show their front or back and can be right side up or up side down.											  
Participants work through 4 practice problems with the test administrator before
working on 32 problems on their own.

The default data stored in the data files are:

(1) Raw data file: 'abcdlittlemantest_raw*.iqdat' (a separate file for each participant)*

build:							Inquisit build
computer.platform:				the platform the script was run on
date, time, subject, group:		date and time script was run with the current subject/groupnumber 
blockcode, blocknum:			the name and number of the current block
trialcode, trialnum: 			the name and number of the currently recorded trial
									(Note: not all trials that are run might record data; by default data is collected unless /recorddata = false is set for a particular trial/block) 

/stim:							stores the currently presented image
/correctAnswer:					stores the correct location of the suitcase: 1 = left; 2 = right
response:						the participant's response (response button pressed): leftButton vs. rightButton
correct:						accuracy of response: 1 = correct response; 0 = otherwise
latency: 						the response latency (in ms); measured from: onset of images

(2) Summary data file: 'abcdlittlemantest_summary*.iqdat' (a separate file for each participant)*

script.startdate:				date script was run
script.starttime:				time script was started
script.subjectid:				subject id number
script.groupid:					group id number
script.elapsedtime:				time it took to run script (in ms)
computer.platform:				the platform the script was run on
/completed:						0 = script was not completed (prematurely aborted); 1 = script was completed (all conditions run)
/propCorrect:					proportion correct test responses
/meanRT:						mean response time (in ms) of correct responses (measured from onset of stim)

* separate data files: to change to one data file for all participants (on Inquisit Lab only), go to section
"DATA" and follow further instructions

- 4 practice problems with assistance from Test Administrator
	- practice problems are presented in a fixed order
- 32 test problems (presented in fixed order)

Trial Sequence:
homebutton needs to be pressed (changes color from white to gray) -> ITI: 1500ms -> stim (until response) ->

Note: practice trials
The error feedback is presented for at least 1000ms regardless of whether the home button is pressed beforehand or not.
ITI is started only if the home button was pressed.

provided by ABCD Consortium, see section Editable Stimuli

provided by ABCD Consortium, see section Editable Instructions

check below for (relatively) easily editable parameters, stimuli, instructions etc. 
Keep in mind that you can use this script as a template and therefore always "mess" with the entire code to further customize your experiment.

The parameters you can change are:

/picSize:					the proportional size of the little man images (default: 60%)
/responsebuttonSize:		the proportional size of the response buttons (default: 8%)

/ITI:						the duration (in ms) of the intertrial interval (default: 1500ms)
/readyDuration:				the duration (in ms) of the ready trial (default: 3000ms)
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