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Web Script hosted on millisecond stopped working

By ericeric - 3/25/2013

I have a task hosted up on millisecond, and within the last two weeks it has stopped working on my Mac (osx 10.7), and presumably other computers as well.

I have not changed the task at all, and it still works locally on my computer.  I am curious what might cause this, and potential things to look for in order to fix it. 

I have a batch that loads task1 and task 3 just fine, but momentarily loads task 2, then switches to task 3 immediately.

/ file = "task1.iqx"
/ file = "task2.iqx"
/ file = "task3.iqx"



By Dave - 3/25/2013

This may be a Java issue. I recommend you temporarily disable the JavaWebStart launch method and try using the Firefox / NPAPI plugin instead.