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Possible to record stimuli from Inquist 4 (MAC) as events in Biopac's AcqKnowledge software?

By mac_n_cheese - 7/15/2013

I've started using Inquisit 4 for Mac because I have an experimental design that presents video and still photo stimuli to participants while they are connected to psychophysiology equipment (GSR, heart rate) from Biopac. Reading through the Biopac information, and going through these forums, I know that there's a way to connect a PC running Inquisit with Biopac hardware so that the stimuli presented by Inquisit are recorded as events in Biopac's AcqKnowldge software. Is there a way to do the same on a Mac? If not, what suggestions might you have for syncing the stimuli presentation with the physiology data?


By Dave - 7/15/2013

Those interfacing options are not yet available in the Mac version, so the practical recommendation would be to use a Windows PC for the time being.

By mac_n_cheese - 7/15/2013

Thanks, Dave!

By gerulf - 12/4/2013

Hello Inquisit,

I think I have a related question. I used to have an experimental set up in which we would send stimulus information (onset and ending of videos) via parallel port from Inquisit to Biopac/Aqcknowledge. Thus, presentation of stimuli was recorded simultaneously with physiological measures in Biopac. This was done with a Windows version of Inquisit. Am I understanding the above thread correctly and that the same is not yet possible with the Mac version of Inquisit? 

Thank you,


By Dave - 12/4/2013

Inquisit supports sending values to a serial (RS 232) port on Windows only.
Inquisit supports parallel port signalling on both Windows and Mac. You'll need
to first install a PCI Express parallel port card into an open PCI Express slot
on your computer, or to the Mac Thunderbolt port via an adapter.

Another alternative may be using a Cedrus StimTracker.

By Dave - 12/4/2013

P.S.: The above is true as of Inquisit 4.0.4 which has just been made available publically.

By gerulf - 12/4/2013

Thank you Dave. I'll investigate.