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Video Presentation with Keyboard Response

By Daniel@MU - 7/24/2013

Hello Inquisit community!

I am relatively new to Inquisit programming, and have been teaching myself how to write experiments basically from scratch using the plethora of materials provided on the website. However, I have been tasked with constructing an experiment that involves both a video playback element and a keyboard response. Because of my limited knowledge, I am stuck on how to proceed, and what the most appropriate setup would be for what I require.

What I would like to accomplish is a simple video stimulus response with two keyboard response items in the upper corners of the computer screen (akin to what the original IAT used, but only one on each side). I would like the participants to respond as quickly as possible, and once a keyboard response is entered, the video needs to stop and move onto the next one. Additionally, I do not want the trials to be randomized between participants (i.e. each participant should see the exact same sequence), and I would also like a fixation cross before each trial video appears.

I can get the videos to present rather easily using the <video> command, but I am unsure of how to incorporate the other requirements into one singular experiment.

Any help that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance for taking the time to read through my predicament!



By Dave - 7/24/2013


this sounds like a rather elementary setup you should be able to pull off after completing the tutorials in the documentation as well as working through a bunch of available scripts (as you already have).

You need to define your various stimulus elements (a <text> for the fixation cross, a <video> element, etc.) and have a <trial> display them via its /stimulustimes. You'll want to set the <video>'s /select attribute to sequence if you don't want random selection.