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Using pictures

By mckay - 2/1/2014

I am using a script I downloaded from the Inquisit Task Library. I moved the zip file with the task script and accompanying stimuli from my Downloads folder on my computer into my regular folder where I keep everything. Now Inquisit gives me errors when I run a validation check of the script, saying that the pictures that came included with the task are no longer found because the "file path" is no longer accurate. I understand why it's saying this, given that the file path to those pictures is no longer in the Downloads folder and is now in my home folder, but how do fix this? That is, how do I change the file path for the images/tell Inquisit where the new location is for those pictures? Thank you!
By Dave - 2/1/2014

You need to *extract* the entire contents of the ZIP file to some location on your computer. You cannot run a script directly from the ZIP without unpacking everything first.