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Requiring answer for dropdown item

By implicitexplicit - 4/15/2014

Dear Forum,

I've got the following issue: I'd like to make answers to most of the questions in the survey part of my script mandatory. Employing "/required = true" for all mandatory items works fine for radiobuttons, just not for dropdown menus: The answer "Please select" is already prechosen, and if it is not changed it still counts as a valid response. I tried limiting this by using "/validresponse = ("Option 1", "Option 2", ...) for dropdown items, listing all options but for "Please select". This did not change the fact that leaving the "Please select" option selected did not prevent one from clicking on "Next" and going onto the next page.

<dropdown t1f1>
/ caption = "Wie wichtig oder unwichtig ist Ihnen, ob in Deutschland ein Verschleierungsverbot
eingeführt wird oder nicht?"
/ options = ("Please select", "Sehr unwichtig", "Moderat unwichtig", "Leicht unwichtig", "Weder wichtig noch unwichtig," "Leicht wichtig", "Moderat wichtig", "Sehr wichtig")
/ optionvalues = ("0", "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7")
/responsefontstyle = ("Arial", 2%)
/ subcaptionfontstyle = ("Arial", 2.3%, false, true, false, false, 5)
/ required = true
/ validresponse = ("Sehr unwichtig", "Moderat unwichtig", "Leicht unwichtig", "Weder wichtig noch unwichtig," "Leicht wichtig", "Moderat wichtig", "Sehr wichtig")

Any ideas how I could make dropdown items mandatory too? Thank you very much!

Best wishes,

By Dave - 9/12/2017

Rob - Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Dave - Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Is your Inquisit installation up to date? AFAIK, this

> The answer "Please select" is already prechosen

was an issue specific to some older OSX versions (10.7.x) and should not happen w/ the current Inquisit release ( Can you confirm?

Hi Dave,

i know this post is old, but I stumbled upon this. I want the exact opposite, subjects need to indicate a number (e.g. how many cigarettes do you smoke per day) using a dropdown question, and I want to have the "0" as default value that gets entered to the data file when nothing gets chosen.
Is there a way to do this?

Kind regards,


You should be able to set zero as the default response via the <dropdown>'s /defaultresponse attribute.

<dropdown mydropdown>
/ caption = "Pick a number:"
/ options = ("0", "1-5", "6-10", "more than 10")
/ defaultresponse = "0"

<surveypage mypage>
/ questions = [1=mydropdown]

<survey mysurve>
/ pages = [1=mypage]