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Lab version and redirection to website

By IKG90 - 6/1/2014

Hello everybody, 

I am using the Inquisit 4 lab version and I want the participants to be redirected to a website (soscisurvey) for an additional survey. Do you know if it is only possible to redirect in combination with the web version of Inquisit? And if this is the case, how could I avoid this problem? 
How can the participants run the experiment first (Inquisit) and then pass the survey (soscisurvey)? 

Thanks for your help!!!
By Dave - 6/1/2014

See the "Running Sequences of Inquisit Scripts and Other Applications" topic in the Inquisit documentation. In short, you'll want to use something along a batch or shell script to (1) fire up Inquisit and after that (2) fire up the local browser with the URL to your survey.