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Presenting several pictures in a randomized order with an input box beneath each (6 pics, 6 boxes)

By Almutus - 6/16/2014


I'm trying to create a "page" that shows 6 pictures in a randomized order for a serial order task - so underneath each picture should be a box, where one can write (or choose) the numbers 1 through 6 to indicate the correct order of the pictures. Now, I've been sucessfull in creating a page with the randomized pics, but I cannot put more than one input box beneath it. I was trying it with an openended element, since survey-pages cannot show pictures (,if I'm right).

Does anyone have an idea, how to do this?

Thank You!
By Dave - 6/18/2014

Yes. Set up a bunch of <values> (one for each pictures horizontal position)

/ pic1_hpos = 0
/ pic2_hpos = 0

use those in the <picture>'s /hposition attributes

<picture pic1_sim_L1>
/ hposition = values.pic1_hpos

populate them /ontrialbegin

<surveypage Position_Test>
/ ontrialbegin = [values.pic1_hpos=counter.picpos.selectedvalue; values.pic2_hpos=counter.picpos.selectedvalue; ...]

and optionally log them to the data file

/ columns = [..., values.pic1_hpos, values.pic2_hpos, ...]