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Online Assessment without the Plugin

By - 8/25/2014


I was just wondering if it is under all circumstances neccessary to install the web plugin if I run an online study (in Inquisit 4). Or is there any possibility to collect data online without forcing the participants to install the plugin?


By Dave - 8/25/2014

No, there currently isn't. For Inquisit to do its thing (i.e., provide precise stimulus and response timing), native, compiled code is needed. That engine code must be delivered to the client machines somehow (in the form of a plugin or the like). All measurements etc. are performed locally on the client, not on the server-side (which would introduce all sorts of timing and performance pitfalls).

Similarly, all options not relying on native, compiled code (think: JavaScript) are somewhat limited in the performance and accuracy they can deliver and performance can differ substantially between systems. Such an option may become available in the future, but even then should be used with caution, i.e., primarily for procedures where stimulus / response timing is not that important or the effects under study are known to be large and robust (and thus can tolerate increased measurement error).

Hope this helps.
By - 8/26/2014

Yes, this helps a lot. Thank you!