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Black background, white font extra dialog box for trials and blocks?

By Anoushka Shahane - 9/1/2014

I am trying to make my entire experiment with a black background and white text, thus I have set the following defaults as recommended.

/ minimumversion = ""
/ fontstyle = ("Helvetica", 48pt, false, false, false, false, 5, 0)
/ screencolor = (0,0,0)
/ txbgcolor = (0,0,0)
/ txcolor = (255,255,255)


However, when I do so, the instructions appear as they should (black background, white font), but the trials and blocks appear with a black background - white dialog box - black text background - white font (see attached image). How do I get rid of the extra white dialog box?

Thank you!
By Dave - 9/1/2014

You're absolutely welcome!