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/validresponse - only text itself is clickable

By paughl - 11/13/2014

Hi there,

I have clickable text:
/validresponse= ("word")

However, only the letters themselves are clickable, not the space around and between the letters. This makes it difficult to click every time, and forces Ss to attempt multiple clicks. Does anyone have a solution for this? eg, is there a way to make bounding area clickable?

Many thanks in advance,
By Dave - 11/13/2014

When you define a  <text> the whole area defined by its /size is clickable:

<text mytext>
/ items = ("Bla.")
/ size = (10%, 10%)
/ txbgcolor = (grey)

<trial mytrial>
/ stimulusframes = [1=mytext]
/ inputdevice = mouse
/ validresponse = (mytext)
By paughl - 11/13/2014

Thanks Dave. Discovered that my size element was not as high as my text, so the clickable area was smaller than my displayed text. I mistakenly thought it was the areas between my text that were not clickable.