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Inquisit cuts off stimuli

By Jstaats - 12/4/2014


For some reason Inquisit cuts off stimuli on the right side of the screen. As you can see in the picture below.
These are the values for the stiimuli:
/squareheight = 4.1956cm
/fontheight = 10%
/leftsquare_x = 9.692cm
/rightsquare_x = 43.439cm

/responsekey = 57
/responsekeylabel = "<SPACEBAR>"

/targetduration = 1000
/ITI = 500
/restduration = 60000

The screen is ~53 cm wide (24'' screen), so it should fit.

Does anyone know how I can change some settings to fix this?

Thanks in advance! 
By Dave - 12/4/2014

Hard to tell without seeing the whole code, but my theory would be this:

(a) There's a 4:3 /canvasaspectratio defined in the script's <defaults>.
(b) For some reason, said canvas region is *left-aligned*, either explicitly via /canvasposition or due to a glitch. The grey 4:3 overlay illustrates the effect.

Try explicitly setting

/ canvasposition = (50%,50%)

and let me know if that resolves the issue or not. Thanks!

By Jstaats - 12/5/2014

It worked! 

Thanks a lot!