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Newbie - IAT lab version and Qualtrics?

By MHaynes - 3/30/2015


Main Question: I am wondering if it is possible to integrate the IAT (lab version- right now I am using the free trial demo but hoping to upgrade to lab version) into Qualtrics (web-based).

Additional Info: I am running an in person lab experiment.  Its is a 2 (Lecture version 1/Lecture version 2) X 2 (Male/female participant).  Participants will come into the lab and watch one of 2 videos.  They will then, 1) Take a test (qualtrics) and 2) complete some explicit (qualtrics) and implicit measures (IAT- gender/math and IAT AnxietyMath).  I would like to  counterbalance Explicit and Implcit measures aka - Exp/Imp and Imp/Exp -  as well as order of presentation of the IATs.  

Thus far I have been able to modify the IATs and then use the "batch" function to combine (the easiest part it seems).  Admittedly, I can't figure out how to combine the batch into ONE script for counterbalancing order of IAT (gender/math and IAT Anxiety/Math), and rather find that I have 2 separate scripts... not ideal but can't seem to figure out work around.  Furthermore, as it stands, I can manually have the experimenter start and stop participants and direct them to different programs (integrating passwords and so forth - example, once you have taken your test, please raise your hand and the experimenter will come - then have the experimenter figure out whether to send to inquest or stay within qualtrics).  But, this is obviously VERY clunky, and it would be great to have it all automated.  Once again though, I am not sure if I can integrate with lab version with qualtrics.

All this seems like it should be terribly obvious.... and scoring the boards and futzing around, I am having some difficulty. Any advice would be much appreciated.

By Dave - 3/30/2015

To automate the process you need to resort to some sort of scripting approach. E.g. use Windows batch commands (*.cmd files) to (1) fire up a browser with the URL to your Qualtrics survey, upon closing the browsers (2) fire up your IAT script in Inquisit Lab, etc. (or vice versa). You'll want to take a look at the "Running Sequences of Inquisit Scripts and Other Applications" and "How to Launch Inquisit Using Command Line Parameters" topics in the documentation. See e.g. for an example of something along those lines.
By MHaynes - 3/31/2015

Thanks very much for the speedy reply- I will give it a go!