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By acmoberl - 5/31/2015

I am trying to install and run the trial version of the Automated Listening Span (AutomatedLSPAN) task. I am running into problems getting it to run. Can anyone provide assistance?
By Dave - 5/31/2015

What problems are you running into specifically? I.e., please provide details re. what exactly you are doing, what isn't working, any error messages, etc.
By acmoberl - 6/1/2015

It says Failed to extract experiment from "folder I put it in."
Error: Failed to open "Folder/AutomatedLSPAN(5)/f.wav" for write! Error: Access is denied.
By Dave - 6/1/2015

Move the downloaded *.iqzip file to a location on your computer where you have full read and write permissions (e.g. your Desktop or "My Documents" folder). The extraction fails because you do not have sufficient permissions for the current location.
By acmoberl - 6/1/2015

Thanks! That worked.