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Latencies of incorrect trials

By lg021905 - 6/16/2015

Hi everybody,

does anybody know how the incorrect-trial latencies are recorded?

I have used the provided script of the ST-IAT (Inquisit 3) and modified it in terms of the stimuli and the color settings. Given that the required answer format is "correct", meaning that participants are supposed to correct any wrong answer before proceeding, I just wanted to make sure that I am right in assuming the following:

>> latency of correct trials = response time to press correct key
>> latency of incorrect trials = response time to press incorrect key + response time to press correct key

If so, the incorrect-trial latencies would contain an in-built error penalty...

I have checked the descriptive statistics and, clearly, the incorrect latencies are significantly larger than the correct latecies. However, the inquisit 4 ST-IAT script says that the latency refers ro the "the latency of the final (correct) response". Does anybody know if this applies to the Inquisit 3 script as well?

Thanks so much in advance!
By lg021905 - 6/16/2015

Ok, indeed, that clarifies a lot! Thank you very much. Happy that I posted the question.

Have a nice week!