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40MB online file size limit

By canlab - 12/15/2015


I have been using Inquisit online for a few years now; I just finished a new study to post online and was unable to do so because of a 40MB file size limit for upload. Because the study uses several video files for different conditions, it's not possible to cut the experiment down to this size even when reducing the quality of the video images. So, my questions are: (1) When did this limit start? and (2) Are there any ways to work around this? 

Thanks for the help!

By Dave - 12/15/2015

There's always been a limit in place, and it has been increased over the years in fact (it used to be ~20 MB in the past). As for workarounds:

(1) You can try to decrease the file sizes sufficiently to meet the limit.
(2) You can alternatively host the large files on your own webspace (cf. ).
(3) If none of this is workable, and exception can be made and the limit can be lifted for the respective experiment. In that case please contact inquisit<at> with your script and account details.

Hope this helps.