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Using videos in an Inquisit study

By piapia - 5/27/2016

I'm currently working on an inquisit study which I put online for my thesis yesterday. It's worked fine several times on my computer (after failing the very first time) but got several error message on my moms computer (mine is a macbook, hers is a PC). I have about 28 videos in the study, all of which are .mov's and play individually successfully outside of the study on both computers, but the error message said that it cannot play back the video file. 

After exploring a bit on here, I found that I may need to convert to an .mpg format. However, my mom's computer is fairly old, and since there are 28 videos that play individually on her computer, I thought that maybe it could be an issue of memory/RAM instead of format. 

Any thoughts or suggestions on what the issue could be?

By piapia - 5/27/2016


I converted all of the video files to .mpg and it now works on both, windows and mac, though differently. I get a black box above the videos just as they start on windows, which is very distracting for the study. I tried converting to .mpeg's but that only cause further problems for windows.

By Dave - 5/30/2016

You should consider administering different video formats to different platforms, e.g. use MOVs for Macs, use WMVs for Windows systems. You'll find relevant format considerations covered in the documentation for the <video> element (see the remarks section):

For a concrete syntax example, see e.g.

Hope this helps.