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Scoring Algorithm Greenwald et al. 2003 - calculation expression d

By EmilieN - 6/12/2016

I have a few questions concerning 'expressions.d'. Somone wrote in a comment that the only difference between the calculation of Inquisit and the 'improved scoring algorithm' would be that subjects below 300ms on 10+% of the trials are not automatically discarded. I'm writing my bachelor thesis at the moment and I used only the automatic generated d-scores for my calculations. Now I'm asking myself if it's still ok to write, that the computation of IAT scores is based on the scoring algorithm provided by Greenwald et al. (2003) and how I could establish the fact that subjects below 300ms on 10+% of the trials were not automatically discarded? Even though I have the raw data collected it would cost me months to transfer them into a SPSS data set and compute them with the provided syntax for several reasons. So is there a convincing explanation which i could use for my argumentation why I haven't discarded subjects below 300ms? Next time i would handle it different because now I know much more about IATs and the functions of Inquisit. But for this time it would be so helpful if I could to it that way. Thanks in advance for helping me out!
By Dave - 6/12/2016

To establish that latencies are < 300 in 10% or more of the relevant trials, you would have to analyze the raw data files in SPSS, Excel or any other statistical package / spreadsheet application.