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Continuous online ratings of video

By imxwang - 8/4/2016

I'm trying to program a task where a person has to continuously rate their heartrate speed as they are watching a video.

This means that there is no defined # of responses (a person can give unlimited responses). This means that there has to be a scale that appears underneath the video and the responses don't interrupt the playing of the video.

Is this possible using Inquisit?

By Dave - 8/4/2016

Yes, this should be possible.

Play back the video via a <block>'s /bgstim. Set the <block>'s /timeout to the length of the video. Then, simply run a rating trial in an infinite loop. In a nutshell:

<block myblock>
/ bgstim = (myvideo)
/ timeout = 30000
/ trials = [1=ratingtrial]

<video myvideo>
/ items = ("example.mpg")
/ size = (50%, 50%)

<likert ratingtrial>
/ anchors = [1="slow"; 5="fast"]
/ position = (50%, 90%)
/ numpoints = 5
/ anchorwidth = 5%
/ branch = [likert.ratingtrial]