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Problem with size attribute in radio button on surveypage

By jmwotw - 9/6/2016

I'm having trouble adjusting a radio button so that the whole text fits in. The size attribute seems not to work, as it doesn't change anything when I change the parameters.

<radiobuttons radiobutton_1_1>
/ caption = "Acceptable Responses"
/ options = ("WRONG", "<%values.option1%>")
/ position = (1%, 1%)
/ size = (400px, 800px)
/ fontstyle = ("Verdana", 36, false, false, false, false, 5, 0)
/ orientation = vertical
/ required = true

I've tried using percentages and pixels, but neither works. Every time, this is what I get:

 I've attached working code to demonstrate. 

By jmwotw - 9/7/2016

That worked like a charm! Thanks!