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Survey textbox element crashes Inquisit

By Loukia - 6/29/2017


I have a number of 'radiobuttons' elements on a survey and the 'other' option is defined as a textbox element. No matter what parameters are used for the textbox element [e.g., /mask = alphanumeric; /validresponse = (anyresponse)], after typing a few letters or the spacebar being pressed or sometimes just clicking on the cursor inside the textbox, inquisit crashes completely. I don't see an error in the messages later or warnings, it just closes completely. 
Is this a reported bug with textbox elements used as 'other' responses or would there be an obvious reason this is happening in terms of the code?
This is happening with both lab and online settings.

I have attached the script. See line 213- <textbox gender_other> for example textbox that causes a crash. 

Thanks a lot in advance.
By Loukia - 7/2/2017

Disregard question about quitcommand- just realized its the opposite- Ctrl+Q will take them to the finish page. I hope the command keys get sorted though as this might be needed in future experiments. Smile