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Inquisit 5.0.9 has been released!

By seandr - 8/18/2017

Millisecond is pleased to announce the release of Inquisit 5.0.9. This release includes numerous fixes for a number of issues reported by customers, particularly on iOS devices and with the Tobii plugin. As always, a big thanks to those customers who worked with us to track down and fix these issues. Millisecond recommends all customers running Inquisit 5 install this update.

For a complete list of fixes, see the following page:

Inquisit Web: 
Update your web studies to use 5.0.9 by logging into the following page and clicking the "Edit" button for your web script:

Inquisit Lab:
Inquisit Lab 5.0.9 is available for download here:

Thanks for your support!
-The Millisecond Team