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visual analogue scale?

By Annemarie - 12/9/2008

Hey there!

Could someone tell me if it is possible (and easy) to create a visual analogue scale in Inquisit version 3? In an older post (from 2007) someone asked the same question, and there the answer was that such a tool would be soon included in a newer version of Inquisit. So I was wondering if this is included in Inquisit 3, and if so, how...


By Dave - 5/31/2017

Nina - Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Hey Dave,

I still got trouble with my data Output. Somehow Inqusit copies the text.scale.currentitem and all other responses in all lines of the Output and not just for the line in which it is needed.
I include the output and the data specification for clarification of the issue.
Would be great if you could be of assistance.

Thank you!

/ columns = [subject, date, time, blockcode, trialcode, trialnum,latency, textbox.Alter.response, radiobuttons.Geschlecht.response, radiobuttons.Student.response, textbox.Taetigkeit.response, radiobuttons.Deutschkenntnisse.response, radiobuttons.Muttersprache.response, radiobuttons.Hoervermoegen.response, textbox.ahb.response, radiobuttons.Sehvermoegen.response, radiobuttons.Medikamente.response,, text.swls.currentitem, text.cses.currentitem, text.panas.currentitem,expressions.correctedscore]

The data output is as it is supposed to be. text.cses.currentitem reflects the current item selected in <text cses>. This does not change just because the trial a given row reflects is not from the cses scale.