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Millisecond embraces the GDPR

By seandr - 5/2/2018

On May 25th, the European Union's new General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) will take effect. These rules introduce sweeping changes that give EU citizens more awareness and control over how their personal information is gathered and used by web sites and services. 
Millisecond welcomes these changes and has taken steps to ensure greater protection, transparency, and control over any personal information it collects through its website and services. For example, we now allow you to view and export account activity logs as well as close your account and permanently delete any personal information from our databases.

These rules also impact the requirements of researchers using our tools to gather psychological data from their participants. To ensure our customers can comply with GDPR, we've added new features to our services such as enabling researchers to disable logging of participants' IP addresses and to selectively delete logging data for individual participants. 

The privacy of its visitors and customers has been a top priority for Millisecond since our company was founded. We ask for and collect only the information required to ensure the quality and security of our services. We do not sell your personal data to other companies. We do not share, use, or otherwise access the data you collect from your research participants. We regularly conduct risk assessments and security reviews as required by Privacy Shield and HIPAA. See our GDPR statement for more details.

Millisecond sees GDPR as a positive change that is fully aligned with its practices and philosophy.