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Task should stop, how?

By ChristineH - 4/6/2019

I have a task with 10 trials, and participants should have the possibility to say after each trial if they want to go on or not. Each trial is a picture with a sound, and the question if they want to go on. If they go on, they should go to another block where they have to answer three questions. If they listen to each of the 10 trials, they will do the three questions also. 
I have managed to make a trial with the picture and the sound, but the question gives me trouble. If I make it a separate trial with a Likert scale (with the options yes/no), it does not count the response. If I add the question to the trial and say the participants have to press a certain key, it does not work. 
So, basically, my script runs, but not according to my rules. I have specified the /stop and /batch in the <block.
Also, I had managed before that it stops, and that they go on to the questions, but then the questions would run again. 

I have searched for this in the discussion forum, but nothing came up. Can anyone point me to the correct thread? Or to the correct demo? 
By ChristineH - 4/8/2019

Ah, of course! Thank you so much for your help Dave!