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Counting the number of times someone presses the space bar

By Sannesanne - 4/25/2019


Is there an option where inquisit can count the number of times someone presses the spacebar?

By Sannesanne - 6/17/2019

Dave - 6/17/2019
Sannesanne - 6/15/2019
Hi Dave,

I am doing an online study and want to redirect people from Qualtrics to Inquisit and back to Qualtrics.
I followed the instructions I found online, but there seems to be an error.
The subjectid is coupled correctly. The problem is that when clicking the start button when Inquisit opens directly redirects you to Qualtrics.
The finish page immediately opens, without the Inquisit game actually playing.
I start to think there is something wrong in my script, but I am don't know what the problem could be.

This is the link to the Qualtrics survey:
I also attached the data files of Inquisit. The start file is the batch file "garbage_game"

Thank you in advance for your help!


Your batch script tries to assign conditions based on subject number:

/subjects = (1 of 2)
/file = "surroundings.iqx"
/ groupassignment = subjectnumber

/subjects = (2 of 2)
/file = "environment.iqx"
/ groupassignment = subjectnumber

Condition assignment is a mathematical operation, i.e. for this to work, subject IDs must be strictly numerical. Qualtrics IDs are not numerical, they're strings of letters and numbers, i.e. alphanumerical. As a consequence, no condition applies, and the batch immediately ends without any of the scripts having been run.

Change the /groupassignment method to groupnumber and select an appropriate group ID generation method in your web experiment's settings.

Thank you, that solves the problem!