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Soundcaptures downloading as aspx files?

By AbigailNovick - 10/8/2020

I have a huge number of short soundcapture files for my experiment. I used to be able to download the whole soundcaptures folder as a zip file, but now when I download the file it either fails or downloads as 'databrowser.aspx' (as opposed to

I don't know what to do with this webpage file. It seems like maybe the downloaded data is too big and making problems?

How can I retrieve my data?

Thanks so much,
By AbigailNovick - 10/8/2020

Just want to note that I had a problem downloading soundcapture files a month ago, but that was mostly my fault, and I've been doing it "correctly" now. The solution Dave gave me last month doesn't work anymore though :(
By AbigailNovick - 10/8/2020

I tried using a faster internet connection, and the download worked! Weird problem to have though. Will leave post up in case other experience something similar.