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Random order in chart

By Kuba S - 8/31/2009

Hi all,

I need to design experiment that has one quite complicated part...

Imagine a chart which has 3 categories horizontaly, and 2 verticaly.

It gives 6 places where you could put some informations (Graph 1)

Graph 1 :)

    X  | Y  |  Z

$| 1  | 2  |  3

&| A  | B |  C


In the chart there are text informations and they can be coded as a text stimuli as well as image - doesn't metter.

All information are definied (1,2,3 and A,B,C).

Conections between numbers and letters are definied as well.

If 1 then A

If 2 then B

If 3 then C

I need to have those 3 boxes (horizontaly - X,Y,Z) randomly asign to information for each participant.

other words I'm looking for way to design random order for location for
each number inside those 3 boxes, and way to define from start
connection between numbers and letters in those boxes.

How to do it?

I have script where I have a static information, but I'm not sure where to start coding with this random order.

Need to say one more thing.

Each information is hidden under a red box during the experiment.

Participants can use the mouse to see what's under those red boxes, however he can see only one information at once.


By Dave - 8/31/2009

I don't have time to map this out in any detail, but I would use <counter> elements chained together with the 'current' function to encode the possible combinations of screen positions. This thread contains some more hints on this approach:

Good luck!


BTW, the 'current' option in '/select' might also be useful in the number to letter mapping (1->A, 2->B)...