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locating elements and unassigned trials

By adkatz2 - 6/26/2010

Hi, all.

'Sorry for asking a probably basic question (I'm a total novice running solely on intuition).  Dave helped me to figure out how to write a forced-choice survey item, and I was able to run it when it was alone in an experiment script.  However, I tried to add several similar items to my demographics block (including an open-ended item for Ps to enter their age), and I got some error messages I don't know how to resolve.:

/trials: Could not locate element '2'.

/trials: trial 1 is unassigned.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?  Do I need to set up these items in separate blocks?

The script is attached


By Dave - 6/26/2010

Hi again,

minor syntax error in your script:

<block demogs>
/ trials = [1 =ethn, 2 = gdr, 3 = age, 4 = disc]

needs to read

<block demogs>
/ trials = [1 =ethn; 2 = gdr; 3 = age; 4 = disc]



By adkatz2 - 6/27/2010

Thanks a ton!  :-)