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Problem with Brief IAT and spss syntax

By Research316 - 8/8/2010


I have downloaded the Brief IAT from the site and the spss syntax. I have collected data will no problems but when I run the spss syntax I only get values for M1a, M1b, ERR1a, ERR1b and ERR_1. I dont get any of the D_biep values.

Can I get meaningful data from these values or is the syntax not compatible with the Brief IAT?

Can anyone help?

By seandr - 8/8/2010

Hi Ricky,

The SPSS command file is tailored to the standard IAT, but it could me modified fairly easily to work with the Brief IAT data. The key is to adjust the block numbers, and remove the da and db measures since the brief IAT only produces the overall d score.