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Millisecond Software receives fast-track SBIR award from NIDA

By seandr - 11/16/2010

Millisecond Software is pleased to announce it has won a fast-track SBIR contract from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) for the topic "Web Based Cognitive/Neuropsychological Testing for Substance Abuse".

Over the course of Phase I and II of the contract, Millisecond Software will develop a battery of online neuropsychological tests for the Inquisit platform, focusing on tests that have been shown to be sensitive to cognitive impairments resulting from drug and alcohol abuse, and that predict an individual's risk of substance abuse. As part of this contract, Millisecond Software will also port the Inquisit experimentation engine to non-Windows platforms, enhance its web-based tools to better support a broad variety of experimental designs, and add new features for managing and tracking respondents.