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Millisecond is hiring Inquisit script developers

By seandr - 6/7/2011

UPDATE: We current have all the help we need, but please feel free to send your resume if you would like us to contact you when positions open up in the future.

Millisecond Software is seeking script developers to implement
various cognitive and neuropsychological measures commonly used in
psychological research literature. Your responsibilities will be to
determine the detailed algorithms and procedures of a given measure as
described in scientific journal articles and other sources and then
program the measures using the Inquisit programming language and
platform. Access to journal articles can be provided to those who do not
otherwise have it.

The ideal person would have basic programming skills and a
working knowledge of cognitive psychology and/or neuropsychology, or the
desire and ability to learn either. Experience with the Inquisit
programming platform is a huge plus, but not required.

This is a flexible contract position that allows you to work from
home and set your own hours. We will consider those seeking full or
part time work as well as those seeking short term projects to
supplement income. This is an ideal position for students and recent
graduates with an interest in both software and experimental psychology.

Pay is competitive and negotiable. We prefer to pay on a script by script basis, but are open to other arrangements.

If interested, send your resume to inquisit at millisecond dot com.

By hpmars - 6/21/2011