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How to choose random picture once and use the same picture on multiple pages

By hwilliams18 - 6/8/2011

   I am very new to this software and I am finding it difficult to come up with my own solutions to the problems I am coming encountering.  Th problem I am hoping to solve now is showing a random picture. 

   I have the survey functional as far as choosing and displaying one random picture on a single page, but I need to continue displaying this same picture on multiple pages.  Essentially I want the survey taker to be uninfluenced by the picture they are being shown so I want there to be a random picture presented to each survey taker.  The problem is I have so many questions for the taker that they have to be separated onto several pages but I need them to be able to see this same picture on each page.  As of now there is a random picture on every page and the taker cant answer my questions is the picture keeps changing. 

   Also my text is showing up behind the picture and I'm unsure how to make a textbox around it or whatever tactic I need to fix that visibility issue.  Any help on either problem would be greatly appreciated.  Below is my code for one survey page containing the random picture.

<picture targetA>
/ select = noreplace
/ items = ("pat1.jpg ", "pat2.jpg","pat3.jpg")
/ size = (275, 225)
/ position = (85, 70)

<surveypage page5>
/ stimulusframes = [1=targetA]
/ caption = "X I X cut X these X words X out X.  In the survey this is a very long paragraph."
/ questions = [1=q1; 2=q2; 3=q3]
/ fontstyle = ("Verdana", 2%, false, false, false, false, 5, 0)
/ showpagenumbers = false
/ showquestionnumbers = false

By Dave - 6/9/2011

(1) See the documentation for the /selectionrate attribute.

(2) Not sure I understand the visibility issue or what you're aiming for. I suggest you revise the <picture> element's /size and /position, as these seem quite odd.