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compatibility of Inquisit 1.27 and XP?

By leah - 9/13/2004

I've been having problems running inquisit programs (for example, the sample from the website) on some new XP computers. The program runs, but extremely slowly (it takes about 4-5 seconds for each trial to appear on the screen - obviously, this means it's useless for reaction times!). I'm wondering if this could be a compatibility problem, since I have version 1.27.

If 1.27 is the problem, do you have discounts for upgrading to 1.33?

By seandr - 9/20/2004

Inquisit 1.27 was released when XP was just a twinkle in Bill Gate's eye, so you'll want to install Inquist 1.33 for XP support.

The upgrade from 1.27 to 1.33 is totall free.