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Recent Additions to Inquisit Task Library

By seandr - 11/8/2011

Millisecond Software has been hard at work crafting new tasks for our library. Recent additions include the following well-known cognitive and neuropsychological measures:

N-Back Task - Jaeggie et al (2010)
Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test (PASAT) - Gronwall (1977)
Digit Span - Lumiley & Calhoon (1934)
Mackworth Clock Vigilance Test - Mackworth (1948)
Baddeley's Grammatical Reasoning Test - Baddeley (1968) 
* Test of Variables of Attention  - Greenberg (1991)

We hope these scripts prove useful to your research.

Looking for a test that isn't in our library? Let us know, and we will put it on our "to do" list.