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Inquisit 4 beta released, Mac support is here!

By seandr - 2/21/2012

The Millisecond Team is excited to announce the release of the Inquisit 4 beta, now available for download. With this release comes big news - Inquisit now runs on the Mac!

There are a lot of other improvements in Inquisit 4, as well, including:

  • Mac support!

  • A new and improved editor, with support for opening multiple scripts and data files, tab UI, text colorization and a script navigation window

  • A new data editor for viewing data files with grid UI, sorting, and filtering

  • Ability to right-click elements in the script and run them in isolation

  • Display a clock on the screen during long-running timed tasks

  • Support for tasks involving drawing on the screen such as Trail Making Test

  • Improved support for preserving relative size and scale across different screen resolutions

  • Support for PNG images

  • Improved support for administering tests in multiple languages

  • Present HTML pages as another type of stimulus

  • Dynamically create and modify the timing and content of stimulus sequences 

  • Record a single line of summary data for each participant (in addition to saving raw data)

  • Full UNICODE support for improved support for Asian, Arabic, and Hebrew text

  • Numerous script language improvements for simpler, more flexible, and more powerful scripts

The Inquisit 4 Desktop Beta is open to anyone to use and is free. The Inquisit 4 Web Beta is open to anyone holding a web license for Inquisit 2 or 3. To use Inquisit 4 web, simply select that option in the version list when you register a script. 

Inquisit 4 is backward compatible with previous versions, so download it now, and let us know if you have any problems running your scripts. Your feedback will help ensure a high quality final release. 

Please see our FAQ for more details. 


By DavidPeterzell - 3/5/2012

By seandr - 3/8/2012

You are welcome!
By Shehaaz - 3/21/2012

The editor is amazing!!!