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Announcing the Release of Inquisit 4

By seandr - 1/7/2013

Millisecond is pleased to announce the official release of Inquisit 4, just in time for the new year. Inquisit 4 is a major upgrade to Inquisit, enhancing its usability and power, and extending its reach Mac OSX environment. For a detailed list of features and functionality that have been added to Inquisit 4, see our What's New page. For a comprehensive list of Inquisit functionality, see our Features page.

We want to keep Inquisit affordable, so we've left the prices for Inquisit 4 largely the same as they were for Inquisit 3. For detailed information on licensing and pricing, see the following links.

We continue to extend our Task Library with the goal of providing the most comprehensive battery of ready-to-use psychological tests and measures on the web. In recent months we have added a number of new tasks, including

In addition, we have updated our entire library to include scripts that leverage the new features of Inquisit 4. For a complete list of available measures, please see our Task Library page.

Thank you for supporting Inquisit, and thanks in particular to those who took the time to try out the beta releases and offer feedback.