Inquisit 3 Release Notes

Inquisit (Aug 9, 2011)

  • Compatibility updates required for Inquisit to work with the newly released Firefox 4 and IE9.
  • Bug fix: Screen capture doesn't work properly on Windows 7.
  • Bug fix: Finish page not opened with Chrome web browser.

Inquisit (March 23, 2011)

  • Added insert and set functions for dynamically adding and updating stimulus and counter item sets.
  • Added firstcharlatency and lastcharlatency properties to openended. These return response times at which the first and last character were entered by the participant.
  • Added the currentitem property to counter, which returns the currently selected item without selecting a new item.
  • Changed "Evaluate" button that appears when Inquisit is not registered to "Run Free Trial".
  • Added logic to automatically initiate the data LPT port into read mode when LPTDATAn is specified as an inputdevice.
  • Added ability to use inport32.dll for LPT communication as a backup in case NTPort driver fails.
  • Updated script encryption on the web so that encryption password no longer appears in the launch page.
  • Bug fix: fixed problems with minchars and maxchars attributes and properties and added them to help.
  • Bug fix: Firefox plugin is now installed to program files folder if the user has admin privileges so that other users can access the plugin.
  • Bug fix: isvalidresponse and iscorrectresponse are not always fired on every trial.
  • Bug fix: response latency of the current trial is not returned in isvalidresponse event.
  • Bug fix: rules for determining whether a response is valid or correct were ambiguous if iscorrectresponse, correctresponse, isvalidresponse, and validresponse were all defined.
  • Bug fix: Inquisit parser would miss certain invalid expressions and would fail at runtime.
  • Bug fix: skip command did not work with survey elements.
  • Bug fix: Object Browser would present every other stimulus item in a set.
  • Bug fix: Some stimuli specified in stimulusframes were skipped in certain conditions.
  • Bug fix: Ctrl+Q occassionally hangs when a video is playing.
  • Bug fix: Removed misleading error message that mistakenly stated DirectX needed to be updated.
  • Bug fix: Fixed missing or incorrect content on numberous help topics.
  • Bug fix: Voicekey and voicerecord option would occassionally freeze on Ctrl+Q.
  • Bug fix: Occasional crash when width and height extent units are unknown.
  • Bug fix: Font height not updated dynamically.
  • Bug fix: Extra checks put in place to prevent potential hangs when using voicekey and voicerecord inputdevice options.
  • Bug fix: Fixed timing bug, where trial durations longer the /trialduration command if posttrialpause is not specified.
  • Bug fix: /recorddata command ignored on expt element.
  • Bug fix: /stimulusonset property returns blank.
  • Bug fxi: html instruction pages occassionally hang and crash when /inputdevice = keyboard
  • Bug fix: Using Ctrl+B to skip the previous block would also skip the next block if it was a survey.
  • Bug fix: Intermittent hanging for trials with short duration lenght and response=noresponse
  • Bug fix: Batch would run files multiple times if you don't shut down Inquisit between sessions.
  • Bug fix: Setting the erasecolor property doesn't work if erase command wasn't already set to true.
  • Bug fix: Parallel port signals are presented 1 refresh cycle earlier than visual stimuli.
  • Bug fix: Stimulis were sometimes positioned incorrectly when running experiments in windowed (non-fullscreen) mode.
  • Bug fix: Fixed crashing bug when inputdevice was set to legacy keyword "speech" rather than the new keyword "voice".
  • Bug fix: Survey items ignored /required=false if /correctresponse was defined.
  • Bug fix: Updated version number on ClickOnce InquisitNet.dll assembly.

Inquisit (Jan 19, 2009)

  • When you install a new Inquisit 3 update, the previous release is now automatically uninstalled so you don't have to manually uninstall it first.
  • Inquisit Web Edition now supports the Google Chrome browser.
  • Completed testing and signoff for Windows 7.
  • Added minchars and maxchars attributes and properties to the textbox survey item to constrain the number of valid characters.
  • Added screencapture attribute to trials allowing a capture of the final frame on each trial to be saved as a bitmap.
  • Updated and added numerous help topics.
  • Start button on the launch page for Inquisit web edition hides itself after an experiment starts to prevent participant from repeating the study.
  • Bug fix: if Inquisit launch web page is configured to get participant id from the url and the id was missing, Inquisit would run partcipant with an id of -1.
  • Bug fix: voice recording occassionally generated error messages.
  • Bug fix: the latency property of a trial returned the latency of the previous trial when accessed within the ontrialbegin event.
  • Bug fix: miscellaneous sources of instability in the parser.
  • Bug fix: include element was missed if the element tag had a space in it (e.g., "<include >".
  • Bug fix: occassional crashes when running the monkey on a script that uses survey and instruction pages.
  • Bug fix: random false "element already defined" error messages when using a script that includes other scripts.
  • Bug fix: if you repeated run a <batch> scripot in the same Inquisit session, the previous batch script is run again.
  • Bug fix: if you presented another stimulus while running a video, a brief flash appeared on the video.
  • Bug fix: occasional buffer overruns when parsing a script with multi-byte characters.
  • Bug fix: crash if Inquisit tries to load an animated gif that is not at the specified location.
  • Bug fix: noreplacenorepeat selection option would under certain circumstances replace selected items in the set, and would occassionally select the same item twice in a row.
  • Bug fix: Inquisit did not recognize input from the parallel port's data subport for navigating instruction pages.
  • Bug fix: videos would sometimes not play on a trial even though playthrough attribute was set to true.
  • Bug fix: response feedback messages were delayed when used with voicekey and voicerecord.
  • Bug fix: lptdata option for inputdevice did not work.
  • Bug fix: Updated launch web page to provide an informative error message if an experiment is launched from a non-Windows computer.
  • Bug fix: eventual crash for an experiment that presents lots of shapes.
  • Bug fix: the selection options replacenot and replacenorepeat were not working properly.

Inquisit (March 12, 2009)

  • Added full validation support for responses to openended questions. The required command specifies whether or not a response is mandatory. The range command specifies a minimum and maximum value for numeric responses. The mask command allows for validation of common patters such as zip codes, phone numbers, email addresses, and more.
  • Added isvalidresponse and iscorrectresponse attributes to enable rules for assessing the validity and correctness of a response to be written as expressions.
  • Added the isbidirectional attribute that specifies whether items are layed out on the screen in right ot left order as required by languages such as Hebrew and Arabic.
  • Added nextbuttonposition and backbuttonposition for specifying the position of the navigation buttons on survey pages.
  • Added the format function to enable formatting of numbers (e.g. number of decimal places) using C style format strings.
  • Added the evaluate function that evaluates any string as an expression and returns the result.
  • Added separatefiles command that allows data from each participant to be saved to the local computer in separate files.
  • Added support for inserting dynamic expressions into the response options of multiple choice survey items such as radiobuttons, checkboxes, listbox, dropdown, and slider.
  • Added support for branching between <expt> elements.
  • Added a new function called "getitem" that returns an item at a specified index from a stimulus, item, or counter element.

    Bug fixes
  • Fixed issues with survey and stimulus presentation on bidirectional locales such as Hebrew and Arabic. With this fix, all items are presented right to left (i.e., mirrored) if the system locale is bidirectional, or if the bidirectional attribute is set to true.
  • Fixed bugs that caused survey data to be overwritten by empty files in some cases.
  • Fixed parser so that it now catches missing close tags for elements.
  • Fixed a number of bugs accessing survey item properties.
  • Added missing help topics and correct several documenation errors.
  • Fixed various problems with the defaultresponse command, and added documentation.
  • Fixed problem with passing expression as argument to functions.
  • Fixed bug with presentation of some non-ANSII characters.

Inquisit (October 17, 2008)

  • Registration of Inquisit 3 Desktop gets much easier for departments holding a site license for Inquisit 3. Site license holders can now register a range of IP addresses for computers within their department. Any computer whose IP address falls within that range is automatically registered with no manual steps required.
  • Added a new attribute to the defaults element called quitcommand. This allows you to define a custom hot key combination that enables participants to immediately end the experiment.
  • Added a new "remove" function that enables you to remove specific items from a set of stimulus or counter items.
  • The script parser now gives a warning if not all between subject groups are assigned to an >expt< element.
  • Added new "selectedvalue" and "selectedcaption" properties to multiple choice survey items that retrieve the underlying value and caption of the selected option.

  • Bug fixes

  • In previous releases, Inquisit Web Edition would sometimes redirect participants to the finish page url even if they didn't finish the experiment (e.g., the abort the experiment using Ctrl+Alt+Del). Now, participants are only redirected with if the experiment is complete.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Inquisit Web Edition from launching properly from Java Web Start with the 1.5 version of the Java runtime.
  • Previously, the launch page for Inquisit Web Edition would attempt to use 1.4 version of Java Web Start, which does not work. Now, it detects whether Java 1.5 or later is installed before enabling the Java Web Start launcher.
  • In the last release, Inquisit's built in Ctrl+Q hot key combination would be triggered when participants attempted to type the '@' character with a German keyboard. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug in which custom captions for the navigation buttons on instruction pages were ignored.
  • Fixed but in which instruction pages, especially html pages, would hang.
  • Fixed a bug in which the response property for survey items would be empty after the survey or surveypage was complete.
  • Fixed - width of slider label on the right side of the scale was too narrow.
  • Fixed - when running batch files, each data file was named after the batch script rather than the actual scripts with Inquisit Web Edition.
  • Fixed - openended response returned the value of the previous response if no response is given on a trial.

Inquisit (July 24, 2008)

  • Inquisit now seamlessly interoperates with ASL eye trackers. Using the new eyetracker element, you can easily configure Inquisit to send XDAT markers to the eye tracker to signal events such as the onset or offset of a visual stimulu. You can also poll the eye tracker for gaze point and pupil diameter, and detect when gaze position enters predefined regions of interest.
  • Inquisit 3 Web Ediiton has a new launch page allows participants to try alternative versions of the web control if they can not install using the default technology. For example, if a participant is unable to install the web control using Java Web Start, they can now try the Plugin version as well. This should improve response rates for web experiments.
  • The new launch page has an improved user interface for prompting participants to enter an id number or code. The previous method triggered a confusing security prompt in Internet Explorer. The new method uses a pure DHTML interface to avoid the security prompt.
  • Added new properties for retrieving the x and y coordinates of the mouse cursor at the time of a mouse response.
  • Added new item property to the counter element for getting and setting the values in its item pool.
  • Added new "clear" function for removing all items from an item, stimulus, or counter element.
  • Added new "reset" function that resets selection for counter and stimulus elements.
  • Added the selectionrate attribute to all stimulus elements to make it easier to control when new items should be selected.
  • Added support for non-looping animated GIFs.
  • Installing the Mozilla Plugin control no longer requires administrator privileges when used with Firefox 3.
  • Added a "textcolor" property to the survey element so that survey items can be printed in customized color.
  • Bug fixes

  • Java Web Start control would throw an error if the url to the script contained a space, or if the custom query parameters were included when navigating to the launch page.
  • Reponse property of block always returned an empty string.
  • Save As dialog for backup saving of data file sometimes appeared behind the main window.
  • Double-clicking on an element in the righthand output window occassionally failed to navigate to the element definition in the script window.
  • Objects and formatting tags were not stripped out when pasting from rich text sources like HTML, Excel, and Word.
  • Inquisit Web Edition experiment window would sometimes appear behind the browser window.
  • Inquisit Desktop installer would bail out after non-fatal error was encountered.
  • Ctrl+q and Ctrl+b commands were sometimes ignored.
  • Vertical and horizontal extents (e.g., position and sizes) were sometimes mishandled in mathematical expressions.
  • Newline characters were stripped from openended responses when retrieved through the response property.
  • Range attribute of textbox items did not properly handle floating point values.

Inquisit (April 22, 2008)

  • Inquisit 3 Web Edition can now be launched as a Java Web Start application on computers with version 1.2 or later of the Java runtime. Java Web Start applications can be launched from either Internet Explorer or Firefox, and they do not require administrative privileges to run. This expands the reach of Inquisit web experiments to a much broader set of desktop configurations, and it makes it easier to launch experiments in Firefox. Note that we've simply provided a thin java wrapper around the same Inquisit engine used by the desktop version, so timing remains just as accurate and precise as ever.
  • If Inquisit is unable to save the data to the location specified by the script, it will now pop up a Save dialog allowing the user to save the file to the location of their choice. This ensures that you don't lose the data if, for example, the network goes down or the data file is locked by another application.
  • We've added new options for pairing selection of two different stimulus items. These options make it much easier to select the item of one stimulus based on the current selection of another.
  • We've added 15 new functions that can be used to dynamically process strings of text. These functions allow you to convert text to upper or lower case, concatenate strings together, find and replace text within a string, trim characters from the beginning or end, format strings representing decimal numbers, and more.
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes.

Inquisit (February 22, 2008)

  • When you use the batch element with Inquisit 3 Web Edition, data from each script is now saved using the original script file name.
  • When you open a script in the editor, Inquisit now locks the file so that other programs can read and run the file, but they can not modify it. This helps avoid multiple people making conflicting changes to a script at the same time.
  • Enhanced the validresponse command for survey items so that the 'anyresponse' and 'noresponse' options are now valid.
  • The autocomplete dropdown now appears above the cursor rather when the cursor is located at the bottom of the screen, and you can now select an option using the mouse.
  • The location of the data file(s) is now reported in the output window when you run a script.
  • Added various commands to the intellisense dropdowns that were previously missing.
  • Improved performance of the voicerecord inputdevice option, and fixed a bug in which speech engine analysis of recorded wave files crashed if the original script file contained a "_".
  • Tab navigation through survey pages now works.
  • Fixed bug where copy/paste in the editor didn't work after you double click an element in the output view.
  • Added page margins to page layout for printing.
  • Corrected miscellaneous errors and omissions in help topics.
  • Fixed a branching bug in which sometimes branches are run even if the condition isn't true.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash in some cases when stimuli were presented offscreen.
  • Fixed a bug in computing the size of stimuli in centimeters, millimeters, or inches.
  • Changed likert element so that none of the options on the scale are highlighted by default.
  • Enhanced the expression parser so it more flexibly converts between different data types.

Inquisit (January 18, 2008)

  • Inquisit's voice key support now includes the ability to record spoken responses as WAV files for accuracy checking. What's more, Inquisit has a new voice response analysis tool that allows you to automatically transcribe the recorded responses using the speech recognition engine! Check out this help topic for details.
  • We've added a new items attribute to the counter that allows you to add any expression value to the counter's item pool, including strings, properties, and of course numbers. This great expands the counter's functionality, and provides much more flexibility in defining sets of item pools for random selection.
  • When using the openended element with a time deadline, Inquisit now records any text entered by the participant up until the deadline.
  • Added color, txcolor, txbgcolor, and screencolor properties that allow you to dynamically set the property value to any named color (e.g., white, blue, lavendar, etc.), as opposed to setting the red, green, and blue components separately.
  • Open and Save dialogs are now resizable.
  • Added new keyboard shortcuts to conform with UI conventions. Ctrl+F opens the Find dialog, and Ctrl+H opens the Find and Replace dialog.
  • Added support for inserting property values and expressions into survey captions.
  • The relative size of the script editor and output panes now remain the same when you resize the main window.
  • Updated the icons in the object browser and autocomplete lists.
  • Fixed errors in various help topics.
  • Fixed bug that caused Inquisit to crash if you launched the System Info window command on the Tools menu.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the finishlabel command from working on the <survey> element.
  • Fixed a bug in which the forward and next buttons would sometimes disappear on instruction pages.
  • Fixed bug in which the <counter> element's /selectionrate attribute did not work properly.
  • Fixed bugs in which the likert and openended buttons became unresponsive to keyboard input when you alt+tab to another application and back.
  • Fixed numerous expression parsing bugs.

Inquisit (November 25, 2007)

  • Version 3 released to the wild.



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