Project Estimates

Millisecond Software offers custom Inquisit script programming for $100/hour.

Our cost estimates typically include a minimum to a maximum range of hours that we expect to work on the project. In general, the more details we receive at the beginning of a project, the more precise our estimate will be.

The cost of the project includes the following: spending time to understand the design of the study, implementing the design, and testing the script. We usually send a preliminary draft of the script to the customer so that the customer can carefully and thoroughly test it and report back any bugs or errors. Fixing these problems is covered by the original estimate.

We understand that during the course of study design and planning, changes often occur. We will do our best to accommodate minor changes that fall outside the scope of the original estimate. If major changes are required, however, the cost of these changes will be added to the project.

Importantly, unless otherwise stated, our estimates cover the cost of script programming only. You will be responsible for administering the study.

Helping Millisecond Produce Accurate Estimates

By providing us with as much relevant information as you can, we can more accurately estimate the costs. The following items should be considered when sending us a project description.

Project Overview

Please provide a general overview of the project that includes the goal of the study, the experimental design (including within- and between-subject factors), the dependent measures, and how data will physically be collected (e.g., over the web or on dedicated computers).

Test Blocks/Trials

Please, be as specific as possible in describing how test blocks should be run (e.g. event sequence, timing, randomization requirements etc). Mock-ups of screen layouts always help. Special Note on Randomization: Please, be aware that implementing special constraints on randomization procedures can add considerable coding time. If your experimental set-up requires placing such constraints on a randomization procedure, please let us know in advance.

Practice Blocks/Trials

If your script requires a practice/training session, please specify how practice trials should be set-up (including what feedback needs to be presented) and how many practice trials should be run. Be aware that practice trials/practice sessions might be more complicated and time consuming to code than actual test trials.

Survey Questions

Surveys are usually not difficult to code but can be time-consuming, depending on the number of questions, number of questions that require different response categories, whether or not questions can be easily copied from a word of pdf document and if and what scoring algorithms need to be implemented.


Unless you are using a test from the Millisecond Library, you must provide all stimuli (e.g., images, sounds, or other media files) to Millisecond. Unless specifically arranged, creating or finding stimuli is not included in our estimate. We will size stimuli as a percentage of the screen so that sizes and layouts scale correctly on different monitors. If you need absolutely sized stimuli, let us know as this requires significant programming time.


Instructions can be a tricky part of the estimation process as they tend to differ in their complexity and they are often not mentioned upfront.

Usually estimates assume that instructions will be presented as simple pages of text, and that you will provide the content to us. Please let us know if your instructions require graphics, formatting of individual text elements, and/or require particular presentation times, so that we can budget accordingly. If you have a particular design in mind for instructions, send us a mock up of the instructions using PowerPoint or a similar program.


The data of custom scripts is stored in a raw data file and a summary data file. The raw data contains a trial-by-trial performance log for each participant (one row per trial). The summary data file stores one row of summary performance variables per participant. Please, specify what variables are important for you to store in each of these data files. Note that you can use stats software such as Excel, SPSS, and Stata to calculate any performance metrics you like. If you'd like the script to automatically calculate these metrics for you, be sure to let us know as these can sometimes take significant time to program.

If you have any more questions about getting a custom script estimate, please contact Katja Borchert at: