Inquisit Web Licensing

Do I need to purchase a lab license to run web experiments?

No. If you are simply using a finished script from our test library or elsewhere, you probably don't need the lab license. You can also take advantage of the free 30-day trial for Inquisit Lab to do programming and testing for one-off web experiments. If you are purchasing a longer term license and foresee creating and customizing scripts, you will likely want to purchase a lab license to program, test, and debug your scripts before putting them on the web. For all of our web licenses except the 2-month license, you can optionally purchase an Inquisit Lab license at a discounted "add-on" rate (see our pricing page for details).

I wish to purchase Inquisit 6. Do I need to purchase a primary license if I have a primary license for Inquisit 5?

Yes. If your Inquisit 5 license qualifies for upgrade and you wish to upgrade it, you can purchase a primary license at the lower upgrade rate. If your Inquisit 5 license is not upgradeable or you wish to continue using it, you would need to purchase a primary Inquisit 6 license at the new license rate.

How many experiments can I run with an individual Inquisit Web license?

An individual license will allow you to put one experiment on the web at a time, although the definition of "experiment" is pretty flexible. An experiment can consist of multiple scripts combined via the <batch> element. You can include between-subjects manipulations that assign participants to different orders of scripts or different sets of scripts altogether. There is no limit to the number of participants who can run the experiment simultaneously or at different times.

I want to use Inquisit Web with Mechanical Turk, Qualtrics, Unipark, Survey Monkey, or some other 3rd-party web product. Is this possible?

Yes, please see our help topic on using Inquisit with 3rd party online packages. This likely will require you to configure the 3rd party web product to share the respondent identifier with Inquisit. Consult the documentation for the 3rd-party product for help with that.

Is there a free trial for Inquisit Web?

No. However, you can see how your script will run as well as the data output using the free-trial for Inquisit Lab, given that the engine that runs scripts for Web and Lab are exactly the same. To see examples of how Inquisit Web experiments are launched and run, please visit our test library, select a task, and click the "View Demo" link. Once you purchase a web license, we will set up an account that will give you access to Inquisit Web's control panel for uploading scripts, downloading data, etc.

I purchased a Lab License. Does this mean I can purchase Inquisit Web at the additional license rate?

No. Lab and Web licenses are tracked separately.

I purchased a 1-year Inquisit Web license, and now I would like to extend it to 3 years. Do I have to pay the full price for a 3-year license?

If your web license has not yet expired, we will upgrade it to a longer term for the difference in price. If it has already expired, you will need to purchase any subsequent license at the full price (primary for a longer term, additional for licenses of the same or lesser length).

How long do you support perpetual web licenses?

A perpetual web license does not expire, so you may continue using it as long as you like. The license includes 3 years of free updates, after which you can optionally renew if you'd like receive to further updates.

Does my web license automatically start as soon as I order it?

No. Once you place an order, you can login to your account and start the clock ticking for the web license whenever you are ready.

Inquisit Lab Licensing

What is the difference between Inquisit Desktop Edition and Inquisit Lab?

Starting with Inquisit 4, we changed the product name from "Desktop Edition" to "Lab" to better reflect how the product is used, and to avoid giving the impression that Inquisit doesn't run on laptop computers (it does).

Are there ongoing subscription, maintenance, or support fees for Inquisit Lab perpetual licenses?

A perpetual lab license does not expire, so you may continue using it as long as you like. The license includes 3 years of free updates, after which you can optionally renew if you'd like receive to further updates. .

Can I transfer my licenses to a different computer if my hard drive crashes or I replace my computer?

Yes, simply fill out our transfer request form online. We'll then credit your account with additional keys for use in the transfer. If the previous machine is still functional, please uninstall the old copy before registering Inquisit on the new computer.

I purchased Inquisit some time ago, and I wish to purchase more licenses. Do I need to pay for another primary license?

No, once you've purchased a primary license, any future licenses of that same version and type purchased under your account will be billed at the less expensive "Additional License" rate. When using the online order form, be sure to provide the userid of your account so that the form can detect that you've already purchased a primary license.

I purchased a primary license and some additional licenses. Can I put these on different accounts?

No. You will need to purchase a primary license for each account you wish to set up.

I wish to program an experiment on one computer and run it on several different computers. How many licenses do I need?

You will need to purchase a license for each computer you wish to program or run Inquisit on: one primary license for one computer and additional licenses for each of the other computers. We do not have developer-only or runtime-only licenses. If you will be collecting data from a large number of computers (e.g., in a classroom or computer lab setting), consider using Inquisit Web instead in order to avoid having to install and register Inquisit on every machine.

Can I transfer a lab license from Windows to Mac, or Mac to Windows?

Yes, a lab license covers usage of Inquisit on a Windows or Mac computer.

Inquisit Licensing (General)

Several members of my department have purchased individual Inquisit licenses, and now we would like a departmental license. Can we get a discount?

Yes, if those members have the same version of Inquisit as the departmental license. Contact for a price quote.

Does Inquisit work on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, ...?

Inquisit 6 Web runs on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android. Inquisit Web does not support Linux or Chrome OS at this time.

Someone else at my university is using Inquisit. Can I purchase licenses at the additional license rate, or must I purchase a primary license?

If you and your colleague are willing to share an account (i.e., shared access to registration keys, online experiments, and web data), then you can pay the additional license rate and purchase Inquisit on the existing account. If you want your own, unshared account, you will need a primary license. Any future licenses of the same version and type would be billed at the additional license rate.

Another option is to purchase a departmental license, which covers all usage within your department. For a price quote, contact . Department licenses can not be shared with those who are not a member of the department.

I have a license for Inquisit 5 and I'd like to upgrade to Inquisit 6. Do you offer discount pricing?

Yes, we offer discounted upgrade prices for existing Inquisit license holders. Please see our licensing rates for Inquisit 6 Lab and Inquisit 5 Web.

I'm a student who wishes to purchase Inquisit with my own funds, but your prices are too expensive. Help?

Email explaining your situation, the type and quantity of license(s) you need, and we'll try to work something out with you.

I wish to run a task with Inquisit that isn't in your Test Library. Can you add it?

We have programmed most of the tasks in our library based on customer requests, so if the task you'd like is fairly well known or well-established in the research literature, it's broadly interesting to other researchers, and it's possible to implement it with Inquisit, we will likely program it for you without charge on the condition that we maintain copyright for the script and can put it in our Test Library for others to use freely. For scripts that are of narrower interest, we offer programming services at reasonable rates. If you have a proprietary task and you'd like to partner with Millisecond, we are happy to do so. Email with your request, including any relevant research citations that describe the methodology and procedure of the task.

Do you offer technical support?

Yes, technical support is free for those programming their own scripts. See our support page for details.


The IRB at my institution has questions about how Inquisit Web stores data, protects participant anonymity, etc.

Please see our security statement for details.

How do I uninstall Inquisit Web from a computer?

Please see the uninstall page for instructions on removing Inquisit Web from your computer.

I'm trying to program an Inquisit script but I'm stuck. What should I do?

Millisecond offers a number of technical support options to get you unstuck. See our support page for details.


I am unable to register Inquisit Lab.

First, make sure you are logged into the local computer with an administrative account. If you are logged into an administrator account, and you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, try the following:
1) Right-click the Inquisit icon and select "Run as administrator"
2) Register Inquisit.
Once Inquisit is registered, you can simply launch by double-clicking the icon as normal.

How do I register Inquisit on a computer that isn't connected to the network?

You can register a unconnected computer by obtaining a registration key from a computer that does have web access and then manually entering that key on the unconnected computer. Specifically:

  1. Launch Inquisit on the computer you wish to register.
  2. When the registration window appears, copy down the computer key. Leave the registration window open.
  3. Go to a computer with internet access, and navigate to our registration page at
  4. Login to the registration page.
  5. On the registration page, select the version of Inquisit you are using and enter the computer key that you copied down previously. Click the "Get Registration Key" button.
  6. Copy down the registration key that the page provides.
  7. Return to the computer you wish to register and enter the registration key in the Inquisit registration window.
  8. Click the "Register Inquisit" button.

You're done.